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    Does It Really Have Any Benefits?

The Truth About Green Coffee : Are There Any Real Benefits?

Today, the topic of green coffee and weight loss is a popular subject in Malaysia. We see it quite often via social media, radio, advertisements and even our own clients that want to make their own brand of green coffee. This has encouraged us to come out with an article that explains what green coffee benefits are, it’s side effects, price of green coffee in Malaysia (as of November 2017), best ways to take green coffee and related matters.

So let’s get started with the basics…

What is Green Coffee?

Green coffee is an ingredient that’s getting popular for losing weight. The active ingredient from green coffee that’s responsible to help lose weight is called chlorogenic acid. Most products today use an extract version. Green coffee extract is rich with chlorogenic acid as labs are able to determine and extract the percentages of chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans itself.

Coffee is usually roasted and comes out brown after roasting. Coffee is naturally green before the roasting process, thus the name green coffee.

Comparing the taste of green coffee to roasted coffee, roasted coffee does in fact taste much better when consumed via drinks. Unfortunately when roasted, the beans lose most of their chlorogenic acid. That’s why green coffee is a better option if you want to lose weight.

Other than losing weight, green coffee is also known to have other health benefits. While there are many websites claiming numerous health benefits, we did our own research by referencing recorded medical trials and we’ll only list the ones that had been in clinical studies.

Green Coffee Benefits

  • Weight loss

    In a clinical trial involving 64 obese women, after 8 weeks of implementation of green coffee extract, participants were able to reduce body weight, reduce fat and body mass indices, and waist to circumference ratio. [1]

    The women were split into two groups. One group given the green coffee extract, and another group given placebo (a fake supplement). Both groups were given the same diet to follow.

    The group which was supplemented with green coffee significantly lost weight compared to the other group which was given placebo.

    Based on this study, it’s clinically proven that green coffee beans extract may be a reasonable way to help control weight. [2]

  • Helps control your tooth from decaying

    Surprisingly, a study conducted recently in May 2017, a randomized control trial for green coffee extract effects on streptococcus mutans colony count, a bacteria part of the “Strep” group. Now if streptococcus doesn’t sound scary enough, what you’ll want to know is that this bacteria is a major contributor to tooth decay.

    Results were surprising and green coffee significantly reduced streptococcus mutans colony in your mouth when rinsing. It’s an excellent herbal alternative and comparable to CHX mouthwashes [3]. CHX means antibacterial mouthwash that dentists prescribe to treat gum disease.

  • Lower blood pressure

    Green coffee beans extract has been put to the test in a medical study to see if it has any effect on mild hypertension subjects and their blood pressure. More green coffee benefits? Let’s find out…

    The subjects were divided into 2 groups. Group A were given CGA (Chlorogenic acid) from green coffee extracts. And group B were given placebo (a fake supplement). Blood pressure were recorded throughout the tests.

    The results?…

    The GCA group had a much better result during the ingestion period. GCA’s group blood pressure decreased significantly compared to the group given placebo. [4]

    Chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean extract may be effective to lower blood pressure and is safe for those with mild hypertension. [4]

  • Increase mood and cognition

    Caffeine is well documented to help increase mood and cognitive functions. But does green coffee have this benefit?

    In a study conducted involving healthy adults, the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee is able to improve moods when paired with caffeine. Chlorogenic acid + caffeine may help improve moods. [5]

    As for cognitive functions, chlorogenic acid does not seem to have an impact if taken alone. However, taken syntactically with caffeine, it may help protect cognitive functions of the brain.

    And yes, green coffee does contain caffeine as well.

  • Antioxidant

    Green coffee bean extract is high in antioxidants as the antioxidant capacity is highly related to Chlorogenic acid, which is the active ingredient in green coffee.

    Studies has shown that green coffee’s antioxidant capacity is higher compared to coffee beans that are roasted and this is another green coffee benefit. [6]

Side effects of green coffee

  • Does not work well with bad diet habits.
    While there are studies to show that green coffee bean extract helps obese women lose weight, those that are on fatty meals will not see your body lose weight as green coffee itself will not burn the high fat that you are consuming. To take full advantage of green coffee, it’s recommended to control your diet for maximum results.
  • No clinical studies to confirm the safety of consuming green coffee for pregnant mothers or for kids.
    While there are consumers that do so at their own risk, no studies had been conducted to say that it’s safe or not safe. We won’t recommend due to insufficient evidence.

Best ways to take green coffee.

There are 2 main ways that you can take green coffee and these two methods are best taken with the green coffee bean extract. We’ll expand below:-

  1. Taking green coffee extract with your daily cup of coffee.

Most manufacturers today use the extract version of green coffee as the chlorogenic acid is much more concentrated this way. It’s pre-mixed together with your regular cup of coffee so you’ll get to enjoy the good taste of coffee with added health benefits of green coffee. This method is usually consumed via pre-mixed instant coffee products.

Another way to drink green coffee is to grind the coffee beans itself and use coffee filters or pods. With this method, the chlorogenic acid isn’t as concentrated as using the extract and the taste isn’t as good either, as compared to taking it with instant coffee. You’ll need a higher amount of green coffee beans if you consume it this way.

  1. Taking green coffee extract via pills.

Using pills is another good method to take it as it’s quick and it’s usually stated on the label how many mg of green coffee you’ll have per dose. Do note the chlorogenic acid (GCA) percentages as well as extracts come in 10%-50% chlorogenic acid. The higher the better. For a 50% CGA percentage, the recommended dose is approx. 50mg-300mg per day.

The downside of taking pills is that you won’t be able to enjoy your cup of coffee together. It’s easy to miss dosages as well this way compared to taking your daily cup of joe.

Where to buy green coffee?

Today, you can buy green coffee in Malaysia in most herbal shops that you see in hypermarkets or shopping malls. Other than that, we see many brands selling their own brand of green coffee via social media platforms such as facebook or instagram. A google search also lists a couple of green coffee brands. Online shopping portals also have a variety of green coffee drinks or pills.

Green coffee price

As of November 2017, from research done around the internet, price of green coffee goes anywhere from RM29-RM40 for 15 sachets per box which comes to approximately RM1.90-RM2.66 per sachet.


So there you have it. To answer if green coffee has any real health benefits for you? Yes and that is based on the research that has been conducted referencing several medical studies on green coffee. We want you to have the most reliable and accurate information. We hope that you have found this article useful and you’ve got your questions answered.

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