• Tongkat Ali Cappuccino Coffee

    Not Just Your Ordinary Coffee

Now you can have your morning coffee with some added health benefits. Our Tongkat Ali Coffee is blended with Tongkat Ali herbs which contain strong antioxidants.

Tongkat ali is also called the Malaysian Ginseng, LongJack and it’s scientific name is “Eurycoma Longifolia”.

This herb is native to Malaysia and has been traditionally used for its anti-aging, antimalarial, antidiabetic antivirus and antiallergy activities.

Today in the modern era, tongkat ali is also used by sportsmen and women alike to reduce fatigue, improve well being, reduce body fat and to increase performance. That said, one of the most popular uses of Tongkat Ali coffee is that it helps to increase libido, stimulates your testosterone and helps improve your sex drive.

Tongkat Ali helps the immune system by fighting against the ravages of free radicals, which doesn’t sound scary but is actually the root of many serious diseases. It also helps to improve blood circulation and increase energy.

There are a host of other benefits including treatment of illnesses such as fever, malaria, ulcers, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, bone pain, cough, diarrhea and headache.

Combining the numerous health benefits of tongkat ali with Coffee Omega’s tantalizing coffee taste, you are now able to enjoy a hearty cup of coffee that’s beneficial to your well being.

Tongkat Ali Coffee

kopi tongkat ali
  • Tongkat Ali Coffee
    20 sachets x 20 grams per box
New Improved Formula

Coffee Omega’s Tongkat Ali Coffee Uses 3x More Tongkat Ali*

  • Increase Testosterone

    Tongkat ali is reported via clinical studies to help increase your testosterone levels [3][5]

  • Improve Erection For Men

    In a clinical study conducted on men, subjects reported increased quality of erection, thus improving their sexlife [2][5]

  • Increase Libido

    In a clinical study, subjects reported an increase of libido which helps increase their quality of life [2][5]

  • Improve Well Being

    In a clinical trial of normal men contributing, subjects showed an improved quality of life or well being [2]

  • Decrease Cortisol Levels

    Decrease your cortisol levels which reduces your stress [i]

  • Improve Muscle Mass And Decrease Weight

    With regular exercise, tongkat ali helps to increase your muscle mass and to decrease body weight [4]

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