• Fiber Coffee

    The Best Tasting Slimming Coffee

Fiber is an important aspect to a balanced and healthy diet because it keeps hunger and blood sugar regulated. Essentially, it fills you up so you are less likely to overeat. The problemis that it can be time consuming to stock up and make sure you eat enough high fiber foods.

The easier alternative then is to get it mixed in with your daily coffee. Our Fiber Coffee is coffee blended with corn and palm cellulose from Japan. This is a natural and high quality mix that is biosoluble in the digestive system.

The benefits of fiber are wide and varied. It primarily aids in transporting fat to be burned off, promotes sugar regulation in the blood and improves bowel movement. This all leads to eradication of fat and cholesterol so you end up achieving a loss of body fat. Drinking this Fiber Coffee regularly will bring better overall health and comfort to your body.

Fiber slimming coffee
  • Fiber Slimming Coffee
    20 sachets x 20 grams per box
  • Our specially formulated fiber coffee is made from imported corn based fiber from Japan and is made to help you feel better about yourself and to lose weight. Among other special dietary ingredients that are used in conjunction with our corn based fiber, helps you lose additional weight by doing nothing but just by drinking coffee.

  • There are already reports that consumers are losing approximately 3kgs per month by taking 2 cups of Fiber Coffee daily. Without any additional exercise done.

  • This is done successfully because our Fiber Coffee helps you feel full and you do not feel the need to eat that much anymore. [1] [2]

  • Researchers found that consuming corn based fiber helped increase several strains of good bacteria in your gut and is considered an important prebiotic. [1] [2] [3]

  • Corn fiber also helps increase calcium absorption by the bones, as this is directly related to the increase of good bacteria in your gut, thus making your bones strong and yourself feeling good and healthy.

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